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Improvements you can see in just a single treatment!
• tighter skin without surgery
• for lifts of the brow, face and neck without incisions!
• reduces signs of aging
• approved by the US FDA for treatment of wrinkles around eyes
• no incisions
• no recovery time

Thermage, also known as Thermalift, Thermacool and Radiothermoplasty, is performed with a technology approved by the US FDA for treatment of wrinkles around the eye area. This procedure is an advanced system, tightening skin while requiring only the touch of a sophisticated treatment tip to your skin. This advanced radiofrequency device, the ThermaCool TCTM requires no incisions or recovery time. A cooling spray protects the top layers of your skin while radiofrequency energy heats the collagen in the lower layers. This heating action causes deep structures of your skin to tighten right away, and over time new collagen grows to tighten your skin even more, leaving you with a more youthful look.

The Thermage procedure is extremely safe, using advanced safety precautions that monitor and regulate the protective cooling of your skin to prevent burning. This treatment has been carefully tracked in hundreds of patients with absolutely no reports od serious adverse events, though minor skin damage can rarely occur.

The Thermage procedure takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on the area size being treated. The skin may need some additional time for preparation prior to the treatment. You can plan on returning to your regular activities immediately following the Thermage procedure. Some people experience mild redness (similar to a sunburn) that usually fades quickly.

Results gradually appear between 2 to 6 months, depending on the patient. Sometimes people see a difference even sooner! These changes to your collagen structure are permanent. Large studies have shown that just a single treatment can produce good results. Researchers are currently looking into the benefits of follow up procedures.

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The Skin Deep Enhancement Center is a center for the improvement and correction of your face and skin. The center is located at 6635 Daly Rd., West Bloomfield, MI 48322.

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