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The first step in skin rejuvenation - A more beautiful you.
Do you want to put your best face forward every day?

What is a Power Peel?
Here's the European secret to looking younger now and forever. The Power Peel (also known as micro-dermabrasion) is a treatment performed in-office which re-textures the outer skin layer leaving younger, more vibrant skin. A certified technician/esthetician carefully uses micro-crystals thru a  handpiece at a precise angle to gently  remove the dead, damaged skin cells. These are the skin cells which are most visible to the human eye. These are also the cells which are most exposed to the harsh elements of the sun, wind, and pollution. To learn more about Power Peel treatments call our office for a consultation.

How soon will I see results?

After your very first treatment you will begin to notice smoother, fresher, younger looking skin. Improvements will be seen after each of your weekly visits. Maximum improvement will usually take 4 to 12 visits.

Who is a candidate?

Power Peels can be used on any skin type or color. Basically anyone who wants to improve the quality and texture of their skin. There are no restrictions as to skin type or color.

Benefits to the Power Peel treatments include:
• smoother, softer looking skin
• acne scars diminished
• fine lines and wrinkles are diminished
• no down time, you can go back to work immediately
• provides skin rejuvenation, cell turnover, and a healthier looking skin tone.

The Skin Deep Enhancement Center is a center for the improvement and correction of your face and skin. The center is located at 6635 Daly Rd., West Bloomfield, MI 48322.

For a complimentary consultation, call (248) 539-FACE.