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Cool Touch Laser System

Soften your Journey Through Time
The Cool Touch laser is a Thermescent Nd/Yag laser, which differs from traditional lasers. The Cool Touch Laser offers:

• skin is rejuvenated through collagen stimulation
• Improves wrinkles and fine lines
• Helps stretch marks improve
• Improve appearance of acne scarring
• Can be used on any part of the body
• No down time
• Safe on all skin types and color
• No risks of complications

This means that a safe alternative to the C02 and Erbium  laser exists which can be used on any skin color, any skin type, and on any part of the body without the risks of pigmentation changes or the healing times associated with conventional lasers.

The Cool Touch patient wants more than the results that  superficial treatment yield, more effective skin rejuvenation WITHOUT the aggressive treatment and extensive recovery of exfoliating lasers (CO2 and Erbium). Patients can now be treated at the time of consultation.

The Cool Touch Laser selectively stimulate the Dermis (the tissue lying just below the outer skin) which stimulates special cells to produce collagen. Collagen production will then soften age lines and wrinkles which combats the aging process. This new laser can be used to improve stretch marks, acne scars, and wrinkles on any area of the body.

Treatment with the Cool Touch laser consists of monthly treatments (4-8 treatments). Through the production of new collagen and long term collagen remodeling, patients can expect improvement in the wrinkles and age lines over the first several months. Visible changes will occur a few weeks after the second treatment. Continued treatment with the Cool Touch Laser can produce additional improvement and rejuvenation maintenance.

The Skin Deep Enhancement Center is a center for the improvement and correction of your face and skin. Also you can buy Accutane online. The center is located at 6635 Daly Rd., West Bloomfield, MI 48322.

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